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    306-3764423 (studio and home)
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Date of Birth 23/11/1946 (Paris , France)
In Canada since 1969. Canadian citizen.
Languages:  English, French and Spanish   
    1972-1975: Extension and Fine Arts Ceramics -Regina ,Saskatchewan CANADA
1965-1969:Faculte des Sciences - Paris FRANCE

Ceramics Instructor
    1988-2002: SIAST. WOODLAND Campus
                         1976: University of Saskatchewan   Saskatoon, Saskatchewan                           
1976-1977: Carlton Trail Community College  Humboldt, Saskatchewan
    1975-present: Numerous workshops

    Juror,Curator and Board member (selected)
            1975-1977 : Saskatchewan  Craft Council Vice Chair and Treasurer
1977-1981 : Canadian Craft Council Director
1980-1981 : Canadian Craft Council President
1978 : Official Canadian delegate World Craft Council Conference [ Kyoto  JAPAN]
1980 : Official Canadian delegate CONEX :Craft  Conference [Bangkok THAILAND]
1988-1989 : Saskatchewan  Craft Council Chairperson
1991-1993 : Saskatchewan  Arts Board  Director (Finance, Visual Arts) 
2003-2004: Board Member Canadian Craft Federation      
 1998 -2007 :Sask Terra Treasurer/ President
BRONFMAN   Award  1978
Numerous Exhibitions and Craft markets
Canada Council, SAB, SPG

Earthenware from Spain -Saskatchewan  Craft Council –1990,           
   “Elevations” Banff Centre 2007,             
  Saskatchewan Flame 2008, public galleries

Honorary member: Canadian Craft Council, Saskatchewan Craft Council
Nominated Governor general Awards 2007 ( Bronfman Award)                   
Invited Artist /Residencies;
2007: Invited ceramic artist: FLICAM (Fuping) China
2007: Banff Centre “New Works Residency”
2006 St Quentin (France): Ceramic Residency
2002-2005 : Appointed to the Saskatchewan Status of the Artist committee
2002-2003 Mentorship program SCC, 2003 –2004 Mentorship program CARFAC
2002 Medicine Hat Residency program
2000-2001Canada-Mexico. Exchange  Puebla (Mexico ) Banff (Canada)

Solo Exhibitions (selected)
“Pot Pourri” Handmade House Saskatoon -1979
“ Charley Farrero “ Rosemont Art Gallery Regina -1981
“Un peu plus loin” Saskatoon -1981
“Extrusions” Exit Gallery Banff -1983
“Vases” Hand  Wave Gallery  Meacham -1984
“Platters” Hand Wave Gallery Meacham -1986
“Reseau Ouest “ Saskatchewan -1988
“Ware About “ Joe Moran Gallery Regina -1988
“Expressions” -Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -1989
“New Works” Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -1990
“Gaudicheries” Collections Gallery -Regina -1990
“Broken Ideas” Saskatchewan  Craft Gouncil Gallery -1991
“A piece at a time” Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -1993
“New Work -New Work” Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -1995
“Already Framed” Club Gallery-Regina /  Circle Gallery-Saskatoon - 1996
“Bits and Pieces” Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -1997
“Evasion” Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham –1998
 “New old ideas” Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -2000
“Whatever” Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham –2001
“Up and about” Hand Wave Gallery- 2003
 “Androxia” The Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham –2005
“Quentinoiseries” April 2006. St Quentin France
 “More Androxia” LLMCultural Centre- 2006
“Travel thru Androxia” Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery 2006

Group Exhibitions ( selected)

    “Canadian Excellence in Clay #2”- Barbara Silverberg Gallery -Montreal -1989
    “Dimensions” -Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1990
    “Something New on Broadway” -Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1990
    Prince Albert Art Centre -1991 [Awards]
    “Cups” -Muttart Gallery -Calgary -1991
    Claridge Collection -Montreal -1991
    “Excentric Vessels” -Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1991
    “A Treasure to  Behold” -Canadian Craft Museum -Vancouver-1992
    “Something Fishy Here” - Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -1992
    “Dimensions” Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1993 [Award]
    “Dimensions” Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1994 [Award]
    “Twelve” - Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -1994
“Made for a cause” Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1994-95
“North by Northwest” NCECA Minneapolis 1995.
“Get a handle on it” Calgary -Alberta-1995
“Reflexions / Reflections “ A.A.Saskatchewan-1995
“Just for Laughs” Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1995-96
“Still Life” Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery-Waterloo-Ontario -1995
“Fireworks 96”- O.P.A  -Ontario-1996
The Front Gallery- Edmonton. 1996
“Vessels in Celebration”.Glenbow Museum.Calgary.1996
“Dimensions” Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1996
“Baskets” - Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -1996
“Shoestring  25th”.A.KA. Saskatoon /Rosemont. Regina 1996
 “Dimensions” Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1997
“F3” Calgary (Alberta)-Regina-Saskatoon -Prince Albert (Saskatchewan)1997
“Art by 9”.CBC Gallery.Regina-1997
“Clay Uncovered” Sask Terra / S.C.C Gallery Saskatoon 1997
Prince Albert Little Gallery -1998-(Award)
“Dimensions” Saskatchewan  Craft Council -1998- (Award)
“Invasion” Sask Terra exhibition University of Alberta- Edmonton 1998
“Contained Space” Traveling exhibition -1998-1999 (Farrero-Ledingham-Miller)
“3 of a Kind”  S.C.C Gallery ,Saskatoon-Rosemont Gallery , Regina -1999
““Thick as a brick”-Sask Terra-Joe Moran gallery - SCC gallery (1999)-NCECA(Denver ,CO)2000
“Ash & Flash” Sask Terra – NCECA (Denver ,CO) 2000- Saskatoon - North Battleford
Winter Festival Juried exhibition - Prince Albert Little Gallery -2000
“Dimensions” Saskatchewan  Craft Council -2000
“Tablewares” - Hand Wave Gallery -Meacham -2000
Mexico-Canada exchange. Exhibition in Puebla and Banff .1999-2001
“Enough on our plate” Sask Terra - NCECA(Kansas City ,MO) 2002- Saskatoon (SCC)
“Put a lid on it” Sask Terra – NCECA (Kansas city) 2002- Saskatoon- Medicine Hat
The Naked Truth: international Wood Fired Exhibition Cedar Rapids (Iowa) USA 2004
“Canadian Idyll” AKA Gallery , Saskatoon 2005
“Dimensions” Saskatchewan  Craft Council –2005
“Within Limits” Sask Terra, 2005
“L’Agamine”  Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina 2005
“Wood, Salt and a Century of clay” Prince Albert Art Gallery 2006
“Dimensions” Saskatchewan  Craft Council –2007
“Power of 10” Sask Terra, 2007
“ Elevations” Banff Centre 2007
 Canadian Museum :FLICAM , Fuping Pottery art village, (Shaanxi) China 2007

Saskatchewan Arts Board-Curatorial assistance grant 2006
Saskatchewan Arts Board-Residency assistance grant 2005
Canada Council Individual assistance 2004
Saskatchewan Arts Board-2001
Canada Council Travel Grant -2000
Saskatchewan Arts Board-1997
Saskatchewan Arts Board -Travel Grant-1984
Studies Bursary -Banff Centre-1983
Saskatchewan Arts Board –1980
Canada Council Travel Grant -1978

Publications and media
Numerous articles and interviews

Claridge collection,( Bronfman)
SAB collection
Richard Spafford collection
MacKenzie Collection, Art gallery of Regina.
Art Gallery of Prince Albert.
Uriarte foundation Puebla .Mexico
New Canadian Ceramics Museum Flicam, Fuping (Shaanxi,China)
Numerous private collections.

  Charley Farrero Clayworks

    Box 96 Meacham ,SK
    S0K 2V0 CANADA